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Our excavation services will help you with a wide variety of tasks including site prep, road grading, pond and lake construction and parking lots in Canton, Texas.

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Dirt Express, LLC works with equipment manufacturers, contractors, engineers and specialists nationwide to provide you with the best excavating and dirt work services around. There is no job too big for us. We will go to any location and you can be assured that our expert excavating crew will do your job right the first time to your specifications.

Dirt Work In Canton, Texas

Soil Type: Claypan Area Soils
The Claypan Area consists of about 6.1 million acres in east-central Texas just east of the Blackland Prairie. The landscape is a gently undulating to rolling, moderately dissected woodland also known as the Post Oak Belt or Post Oak Savannah. Surface drainage is moderate.

Upland soils commonly have a thin, light-colored, acid sandy loam surface layer over dense, mottled red, yellow, and gray claypan subsoils. Some deep, sandy soils with less clayey subsoils exist. Bottomlands are deep, highly fertile, reddish-brown to dark-gray loamy to clayey soils.

~ From The Texas Almanac

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